From Norway to The Middle East

Vikings Label FZC is based in Dubai, UAE and originated from Norway.

With our direct co-operation with the farms and suppliers in Norway we import, process and trade any type of salmon products of the highest quality.


Through our well oiled logitics system and long good connection with our suppliers in Norway we make sure the salmon get delivered on time, withour any compromise of the product.


From the cold, clean fjords of Norway directly to Dubai or anywhere else in the region.

We always ensure the highest quality of our products aswell as the wellfare of the salmon before harvest.

From the West to The North, we always look source for the premium products.

Processed Product

We have teamed up with a state of the art facility in Dubai, from there we can offer a range of products:


-Smoked Salmon


-Anything on request

Even small quantity delivery of any product.

For other seafood products please contact,

we can source a wide range.

-King Crab


-Cod Fish


Anything on request